Thursday, January 31, 2013

2012 in Review

Well, since I barely blogged in 2012, here's our year in review.
Get ready for the longest post ever!

*Andrew Bennett is 2 Months Old!
*We got to met 3 new little friends!  Allie, Elise and Dylan!

*Andrew's first Valentine's Day!
*Dan's first attempt at getting Andrew to like hockey happened. :)
*I went back to work while Andrew was watched by his Nonnie and Auntie.
*We put our house up for sale and sold it.

*Andrew tried his first bit of cereal (and rather enjoyed it)
*We went house hunting a lot and decided on a house to move into.
*Andrew took his first plane ride to Florida!

*We went to Florida for Spring Break with my family.
*Celebrated Easter
*Started work on our new house
*Said goodbye to our first house
 *Andrew Bennett started going to daycare

*Andrew turned 6 months old!
*He got his first tooth and really started rolling over.

*Enjoyed swimming and swinging!
*Celebrated my Grandma's 85th birthday with a surprise party.
*Made a (successful) trip to Shipshe
*Took Andrew to his first baseball game (Go BlueJays!)

July &August-
*Andrew was crawling around everywhere!  Also learned how to stand up holding on to something.
*Spent lots of time painting house projects
*And lots of time making black polka dot everything for my classroom. :)

*Finally! finished the kitchen- backsplash and all
*One final swim at Papa and Nonnie's
*Enjoyed Caroline's (end of Aug) and Henry's birthday parties

*Went apple picking
*Raked up LOTS of leaves
*Andrew Bennett's first Halloween- dressed up as the old man from UP

*Andrew Bennett turned ONE!
* Went on a family vacation to Myrtle Beach

*Christmas celebrations with both families!
*Trip to Canada to see friends
*Went to Orlando and Busch Gardens


Monday, January 14, 2013

2013 Goal

So my goal for 2013 is to get back into blogging.  It is already January 14 and I have yet to start my goal, but I heard on the radio the other day that most people quit their goal within the first 5 days of the new year. I figure this way that won't happen to me. :)

I haven't blogged since May 2012.
A lot has happened since then, so I should have lots to blog about.

The last time I blogged we were moving out of our old house.
We are now fairly settled in our new house.  Lots of painting, a new kitchen, fresh carpet 
and many hands helping later, we are fairly settled.  There is still plenty to do, 
but I like that.  I like dreaming up ideas- not sure my husband likes that- but I do. 

When we moved, Andrew was about 6 months old.
He is now a very busy, fast walking almost 14 month old boy.

Since I last blogged, we have traveled to Canada (of course), 
South Carolina, Florida and Chicago.

I also started a new job as a 3 day kindergarten teacher. 

So 2013....let's get documenting!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Goodbye house..

Last month we said goodbye to our first house.  
Although I'm excited for our new place to live, I'm a little sad to leave our first place.

There were a lot of "firsts" and good memories in that house. 

 It was the first house that we had friends over to.

  It was the first house that we decorated together and spent hours picking out perfect couches and chairs.  
It also was the first house that we argued in as a married couple.  
Which happened to be about buying chairs. :)

It was the first house that we shared with Winston who often seemed to take up 
more of the house than we did.

It was the first house that we hung our stockings up over the fireplace to celebrate Christmas together.

It was the first house that we brought Andrew home from the hospital to.

It was the first house that we loved.

 Goodbye house...

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