Thursday, October 28, 2010

I tried...

Yesterday was sort of one of those "I tried..." days.

It started off on my way to work.
I tried to be on time (on time according to me, since we don't really have to be there until the kids come in, but I like to get to school about an hour before that), but...
half way to school I realized I had forgotten my belt and turned back home to get it.
Which is just crazy- why could I not just go without the belt for a day?

I tried the night before to make cookies for my students, but...
I used whole wheat flour instead of white and they turned out tasting horrible.
Have I mentioned what an excellent cook I am?

I tried to help my students get better grades on their projects, but...
if I hand it back to them and tell them check for capital letters and that they are written in cursive and they hand them back to me after looking at them for 2.8 seconds with nothing changed because they think it is good, well... I tried...

And I tried to fold all of laundry, but it just didn't want to be folded... or wait, maybe this was one of things that I didn't try to do yesterday, but definitely should have! :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sarah's Bachelorette Party!!!

Last weekend was my sister's bachelorette party! We had an awesome weekend celebrating! My sister, Trisha and I, hosted the weekend for our little sister, Sarah.

We took the train down to Chicago on Saturday morning!

We grabbed some lunch and then hit Michigan Ave for some shopping!
Some of us had some last minute outfits to find for that night.

Trisha and I went to the hotel a little early to set the rooms up.

Zebra robes! :)

Snacks for the rooms. Complete with martini and ring cookies made by Trisha.

After getting ready for the night out, we walked to the restaurant. On the way, we walked past the place that Trevor proposed to Sarah, so of course we took a picture.
Aren't you jealous of her crown?

We went to an awesome Italian restaurant- ate delicious food, drank the strongest drink ever, and embarrassed Sarah as she opened her gifts!

After dinner we went to The Lion King! I loved the show!

Then we headed back to the hotel for the next part of the evening. First, Trisha and I gave the 2nd part of our gift- a panty line! We found the poem here, made a few changes, and stuffed them in wrapping paper tube for her to pull them out one at a time while we read the poem.

Then for the part of the night that I might have been most excited about.
Trisha and I had this idea to make a scavenger hunt for the night.
We had a lot of fun coming up with clues for the hunt and creating the hunt books.

Each team had a book with clues that had to do with Sarah and Trevor.
Then, each clue had a page with more clues to help them find the place.

It was so much fun running around Chicago searching for the places!

The girls taking a picture for bonus points and a few of the winners with their prizes.

Then out for drinks and some dancing!

We had such a great weekend celebrating Sarah and hanging out in Chicago.
Can't wait for her wedding on New Year's Eve!

Friday, October 8, 2010

a fourth grade review

just another week in the 4th grade...

you wish that this someone made this for you:

oh, yes- it is a NEON coloring book. complete with peace signs and neon hearts.

my broken keyboard. winston jumped up on top of it and took a few keys with him. it's quite a popular topic with my fourth graders- they find it very entertaining.

and...4th grade chapel. we were in charge of chapel this week. last year we had it at the end of the year and it was a bit stressful so we decided to sign up early this year. it was great. singing, skits, nervous kids, proud parents, and worshiping God. and now it is done and i don't have to worry about it for a whole year which is just pure awesomeness.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall Fun Weekend

It was the perfect fall weather this weekend- well, a little rainy, but other than that pretty good I'd say!

Friday night- Dan and I went out for dinner and then to see The Social Network. The movie was pretty good other than I fell asleep for a small part of it- the downside of going to the movies on a Friday night after a long week.

Saturday morning was all about soccer! First, we went to my nephew's soccer game. It is funny seeing a bunch of 4 year olds chasing each other around the field. Good times. We took a short break to warm up and then headed back to the fields to watch a group of girls from my class play in their soccer game.

The rest of the day was spent at the apple orchard...

Sheri and her hundred something pounds of apples!

Kara, Annie and I... our apples were only about 20 pounds :)

We headed back to Kara's and whipped up a few apple crisps and pies. Yum, Yum!

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