Monday, January 26, 2009

More Photos

We did our pictures before the ceremony which ended up working out well for us. We were able to see each other before the ceremony which helped calm some of our nerves and it gave us time for other things after the ceremony. (details to come!)

I woke up the morning of our wedding to rain. I was optimistic as my hair was being done that it was going to stop... it just couldn't rain the whole day, right? Well, it really didn't stop raining almost the whole day (there was a few moments of dryness!). I was happy that we decided to still try to have our pictures taken as planned and I think that we still got some great pictures. I bet you can't even tell that it is raining! :) And really, at the reception, once people accepted the fact that their feet were going to get wet, the rain was quite romantic and fun.

I uploaded the photos backwards, so we will start with the group photos.

Apparently I choose the jumping one from the files...these always crack me up!

The Guys

...and The Girls, showing some sass

Pictures of Dan and I...I tried to pick different ones to show you than when
I was deciding about my Christmas card

I love the picture below, because it sums up some of the feelings of the day...
me- just elated that it was our wedding day
dan- cringing that he is taking 5 trillion pictures and
looking at me thinking what is going on here?
(secretly i think he loved it though!)

photos by Clever Creations Photography

Next to come...the ceremony. I'm not going to lie though- it's report card week, so it may be a bit. Then again, I am always looking for anything to distract me from report cards!

Monday, January 19, 2009

6 Months Sounds Like a Good Time for Wedding Photos

I've been promising these for awhile now...and here they finally are! We are also "celebrating" our 6-month anniversary today.
(By celebrating, I mean we both said, "Happy 6-Month!" today.)

This installment of photos: getting ready and our first meeting.

Yes, I was all smiles while getting ready! The time had finally come!

The Dress

At the end of my train I had "K" and "D" put on it for a little personal touch.

I was lucky to have my two sisters and my mom to help me with my dress.

Here I come! Ready to meet my groom!

Our first meeting.

all photos by Clever Creations Photography

Saturday, January 17, 2009


After going to see the movie, Marley and Me, I declared that I wanted a puppy. Now I said this meaning it, but also knowing (or so I thought) that this would never happen. My husband is scared of dogs. I'm not kidding. If we go to a house that has a dog, I have to walk in first to keep the dog down. He says he just doesn't like them since they seem unpredictable.

But, he told me to go ahead and look online to pick out a puppy. He teases a lot. I figured this was a joke, but I looked anyways. I decided that I liked Labradoodles. I listed all of the reasons why I choose the Labradoodle. At this point, my husband still going along with looking for a puppy, but I still think he is teasing. He keeps talking about getting a puppy. I found out that a girl's family in my class breeds labradoodles- it's meant to be- right?

My husband actually isn't kidding. He says that he wants a dog....what! I am really excited about the possiblity of getting a puppy, but it also makes me nervous. How much will my life change with a puppy? How much of an inconvinice will a puppy be? But, it would be nice to have a buddy around when I'm home alone. And it would be sooo cute!

I mean just look at them... ...they are just too cute!

What do you think? Does anyone who has dog regret getting it? Do you think a labradoodle is a good choice? Any suggestions?

Friday, January 16, 2009

Kisses in Austria

January 14, 2004
Five years ago Dan and I began our journey together. Well, okay, some could claim that it began on January 4 when we both met at the airport to fly to Europe for a month long course on business and engineering. (no, I wasn't a business or engineering major- I just wanted to travel around Europe :) )
We sat in the same row on the airplane. However, we never talked during the 8 or so hours we were on the plane. We're both a bit shy and well, I just figured I would see enough of him during the trip. Although, his friend he was sitting next to still claims he told him that he thought I was cute on the plane.
We ended up hanging in the same group on the trip and when you are spending every day with each other you get to know that person fairly quickly. Like his best man said in his toast at our wedding, "Love blossomed once we landed in Europe. It was subtle as most things with Dan are, but it was there." We started talking , kept hanging out, and sitting on the forever long bus rides together. And while 10 days doesn't seem like to long, it seemed like I had to wait forever for our first kiss.
We never had a "first date" so we decided that we would celebrate our "anniversary" on January 14. For 4 and a half years, I looked forward to the 14th of every month to add on one more month to our relationship. Now I have to remember to look for the 19th!
I will say that our first kiss was perfect! I remember thinking- "Can this get better? I'm in Austria with an amazing guy who just kissed me on a tire swing." Yes, our first kiss was outside in the freezing cold on a tire swing in Austria. It was perfect. And it did get better, since our relationship kept growing from there.

Our first pictures together!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Five Random Thoughts...with pictures! :)

That is as creative of a title as I could come up with on a Friday afternoon...oh well! Have a great weekend everyone!

1. Today was the first day of swimming lessons in 4th grade. WooHoo! Excitement (and a bit of fear) was in the air!
2. I finally returned my library books today. It was weighing over my head, as it should have been seeing how they are almost 2 months late! (Doesn't the library in the photo look amazing!?)
3. There is a huge snow storm here right now. It makes for the perfect night to stay in and watch a movie!
4. I have rekindled my love for reading and have committed to reading every night before I go to bed. Right now I'm reading The Shack by William P. Young. My dad got it for me for Christmas. So far it is good and very interesting. Has anyone else read this? Does anybody of any books to add to my reading list?
5. My goal is to post about my wedding with the photos in some sort of organized fashion next week- so stay tuned!
photo by Clever Creations Photography

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Always Carry Change

I had just a little parking garage mishap the other day.

I went out for dinner with some friends at a restaurant downtown. I parked in the parking garage which connected to the restaurant. There were signs in the parking garage telling me about how the local businesses will validate my parking ticket. The only restaurant that was advertised in the parking garage was the one that I was planning on eating at. Hence, I thought that the restaurant would validate the ticket.

However, after eating a delicious meal surrounded by wonderful friends, I asked the waitress if she could stamp my parking ticket and she said no. They unfortunately do not validate parking tickets. Usually no big deal. I mean really, parking doesn't actually cost more than a few dollars. But, I have no cash. I mean zero- not a dollar. Thinking ahead, I asked my friend if he had a few dollars I could borrow. He also had no cash. Fine, I'm sure they will take a credit card.

I drove to the exit of the parking garage and handed the ticket to the ladies. $2.00 Handed over my credit card.
"I'm sorry. Because of all the snow, our credit card machine is broken."
"Um....I have no cash. I'm just going to have to back-up and call a friend."
"We have 40 extra cents. Why don't you see if you have enough change?"
"Um, okay. Well, here is 20 cents..."

I usually have SOME change in my car, but I was really struggling to find change. I started counting pennies and came up with 90 cents in change. Combine it with their 40 cents and we have $1.30. 70 more cents.
Meanwhile, they keep saying that the credit card machine will work tomorrow. As if that will help! They also were pretty entertained at the show that I was giving them. According to them, "This was the most entertainment they had all night."
I needed 20 more cents. I had two Canadian dimes. But, of course, they couldn't take Canadian money. Come on- give me a break!
When I had been there for what seemed like a lifetime, had 5 more cents to go, and was completely out of coins, they let me go.

Lesson learned- always carry change.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year = Me Remembering Birthdays (?)

I'll admit that I'm not real big into New Year's Resolutions. I usually don't make a list and if I do they are in my head. But, here is one that I decided to start right away since it's a brand new year and I have a fresh new start for it.

Resolution= remembering friends' birthdays by sending them cards

I really used to be fairly good at remembering birthdays and making sure they knew that I was thinking of them on their special day. Lately, however it has been a different story. Life happened after college and apparently so did remembering to send birthday cards. Well, this year I plan on remembering. And what do you know...I ran into this perfect accessory at TJMaxx to help me!
Oh how I love Vera Bradley. I'm sure my love for their bags will come up again in another post. This wonderful "Celebrations!" organizer is made by Vera so not only is it is also adorable! The inside has a calendar for each month and then a pocket folder on the other side. First, I need to fill out the calendar for everyone's birthday and then if I get real ambitious, I can find and write cards for each person. Then, they can just sit in their folders until it is time to mail them. Dan claims that this organizer will sit on my office shelf all year. However, I'm a stubborn person, so I assure you that I will prove him wrong. ;)

Tomorrow school begins again. We are starting off the year with our Christmas party that got canceled due to that glorious snow day on the last day of the year. What a way to start off the year, huh?
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