Saturday, October 10, 2009

Summer 09

Summer has definitely come and gone. It's freezing here today and is supposed to snow on Monday! However, here is a very short recap of my summer.

June 09

-Picked up our new puppy, Winston

It's been quite an adventure, but he is cute!

-Celebrated my 26th birthday

My parents got me a Cricut for my birthday (which is the reason for the picture!). I love it!

July 09

-Happy One Year!


We went to Calgary to visit our good friends from college.

August 09

-Got ready for a new school year

So, obviously there was a lot more stuff that happened this summer such as afternoons at the pool with my sister, mom and nephew, or discovering that our house had termites, or participating in an art fair with my sister, or receiving weekly e-mails from my mom on tips to clean my house. But, the main events are here and I'm sure I'll get around to writing about the rest when it is winter outside and I'm wishing and longing for summer.


Rachel said...

Winston is SO cute! Sounds like you're summer was a good one :)

Kerry said...

Aww looks like a great 09 summer! :) your puppy is so cute! xx

prashant said...

wow sound like so cute.. lovely!!!!!!!!
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