Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hollywood Glam

Last night, I was able to celebrate my dear friend's birthday with her. Kari a wonderful friend and she always celebrates her birthday in style. This year the theme was Hollywood Glam and glamorous it was!

We of course were asked to dress the part...and sign in when we arrived. I have to say that I just dressed up with no one in mind, however, I became Sarah Jessica Parker when I walked through the doors. Here is the official sign-in:

Here are some of the movie starts that arrived:

And me with the beautiful birthday girl!

The night also included a yummy Coldstone cake, extra-long Twizzers (have you seen these things?), a "paparazzi" photo session and movie charades...good times had by all.

Head on over to Kari's adorable and entertaining blog, The Diaries of the Traveling OPI's, to wish her a happy birthday!

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karilip41 said...

you are awesome! :) really made me smile. thanks KP!!!

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