Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Craft Night!

This weekend, we had a little craft night…


We started with a lot of this:

November10 046

Mixed it with a bit of concentration:

November10 047

And some time: (let’s be honest- some time = 7 hours, but who was counting?)

November10 050

Until it started to look like this:

November10 051

We also made another craft that I LOVE, but with Christmas coming, some people might find it wrapped up for them…so until Dec. 26, it will have to be a secret. :)

November10 053November10 052


Everwys said...

yes! thanks for not selling me out on my gifts! :) such fun Kristina, thanks again for having us!

karilip41 said...

I agree such a fun night, thanks again for having us!

Michelle said...

How much fun! Craft night is ALWAYS a good idea :)

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