Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2 months already?

At 2 months, you... 

-weigh 12.12 lbs ( 72%) and are 22.25 inches long (21%)
although Dad was determined that you were not that short 
and so we re-measured you to be 24.5 inches long so who knows. :)

-celebrated your first Christmas

-slept through the night!

-went on your first trip to Canada

-still hate taking baths

-love to be cuddled

-give out lots of smiles :)

- are quite the"coo-er"

-love riding in the car and listening to music

-can't live without your pacifier

 You are such a sweet boy!
We love cuddling with you and watching you smile!
We love watching you grow- 
but hope you don't grow too fast! :)

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