Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool's Day

I'm always thankful when April Fool's Day lands on a weekend or over spring break. This year I wasn't so lucky. I had sort of forgotten that it was April Fool's Day...well, I definitely reminded when the bell rang at 8am. It was then that the jokes started and just kept coming. Here's a little snippet of it:

Kid #1: I'm leaving early today. APRIL FOOLS!

Kid #2: I didn't do my homework. APRIL FOOLS!

Kid #3: My desk is clean. APRIL FOOLS!

Kid #4: I love broccoli! APRIL FOOLS!

Kid #5: I put something on your desk, Mrs. S. APRIL FOOLS!

Kid #6: Merry Christmas! APRIL FOOLS!

I have 25 kids in my you can imagine the other 19 jokes. :) and then add another 20 more for those who needed to do one every hour. The best part was that they never waited for my reaction- they just shouted APRIL FOOLS!

And then there was:
Me: Okay, for math today you need to finish page 184 and 185.
Half of the Class: APRIL FOOLS...right! right?
The other half: What? April Fools? I don't get it!
Me: No, it's not a joke. You really do need to do those pages.
Class (all at different times): Oh, I thought...

Yeah, okay. Really? All day this has to go on?

Thank goodness that is over. And tomorrow is our last day of school before Spring Break! :)


jlc said...

Hahah!! Too cute!!! I had one of my students get me with "there's a bug on the floor" -- I'm a sucker for that! But after the 100th time?? Enough's enough. :)

Brittany Ann said...

I'm with you. As a fellow teacher, a day where pranks are encouraged is never a good thing!

Practically Perfect... said...

Awww, that's kinda cute :-)

Lindsey said...

HAHAHAHA! That is funny!

Rachel said...

Oh 4th grade! So annoying but also so lovable!

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