Sunday, March 29, 2009

"Spring " Cleaning

Yesterday, we woke up and decided to do some cleaning. I'm not going to lie- my pile of clothes in our bedroom had gotten ridiculous and I'm surprised that the dust bunnies didn't come alive, there were so many of them.

We got to the closet and my husband had the grand idea of really cleaning it. So, now there is a huge pile of clothes ready for Goodwill/E-bay. Too bad our "Spring" cleaning of the closet didn't bring us spring- it started snowing again here!

Anyways, I'm now checking the bids on the clothes I put up on e-bay every 10 seconds- not a very productive use of time. I also ended up binding on a jacket, so now I'm just hoping to earn that money back! :) But, really- it was a good deal- I promise!


quite contrary said...

I took a bunch of clothes to Platos Closet and got $60! The rest is going to goodwill!

jlc said...

You are too cute!

Love your blog!

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