Friday, July 29, 2011

California Dreamin

Alright, time to update the blog, seeing how we traveled to the west coast in June and it is now almost August! Plus, I have lots of other things to update on...

In June, Dan and I traveled with Dan's parents and two of his sisters. We started off
by flying to Las Vegas. Although Dan has been there more than a handful of times,
I had never been there. The strip was quite something.
The next morning we were on the road.
Our schedule was dictated by two things: one the time and location of some ballgames
and the fact that Dan and I had a wedding to attend the next weekend.

Our first stop was Hoover Dam.
It was super hot, so this visit consisted of us parking, walking a short bit,
taking the obligatory pictures and getting back in our air conditioned cars.
We didn't need a tour anyways- my engineering husband was able to
fill us in on any information we felt like we needed to know. :)

We then kept driving to get to the Grand Canyon.
It was an amazing sight to see!
It truly is one of those places that you just have to see in real life-
pictures can't capture it.

The next morning we were able to drive through
the Sedona Valley. It was an unbelievable drive and
I was in awe of God's creation!

We spent time in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Mainly trying to stay cool, but we did manage to do some
shopping and laid out by the pool.

We also found a Sprinkles!
A special treat for my birthday! :) Yum!

We also went to a baseball game in LA on my birthday, which
I sadly have no pictures of. But, it was fun and I got to eat my
nachos that I requested as part of my birthday present. :)

In LA, we took a bus tour of the city...

Beverly Hills,


Venice Beach...

Dan and I split ways with his family for a few days and
headed down to San Diego to celebrate our friends
Nate and Sarah's wedding.

I can see why people live in San Diego- the weather is perfect!

The wedding was beautiful and Dan made it through
his best man's speech (which was pretty good if I do say so).

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