Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Always Carry Change

I had just a little parking garage mishap the other day.

I went out for dinner with some friends at a restaurant downtown. I parked in the parking garage which connected to the restaurant. There were signs in the parking garage telling me about how the local businesses will validate my parking ticket. The only restaurant that was advertised in the parking garage was the one that I was planning on eating at. Hence, I thought that the restaurant would validate the ticket.

However, after eating a delicious meal surrounded by wonderful friends, I asked the waitress if she could stamp my parking ticket and she said no. They unfortunately do not validate parking tickets. Usually no big deal. I mean really, parking doesn't actually cost more than a few dollars. But, I have no cash. I mean zero- not a dollar. Thinking ahead, I asked my friend if he had a few dollars I could borrow. He also had no cash. Fine, I'm sure they will take a credit card.

I drove to the exit of the parking garage and handed the ticket to the ladies. $2.00 Handed over my credit card.
"I'm sorry. Because of all the snow, our credit card machine is broken."
"Um....I have no cash. I'm just going to have to back-up and call a friend."
"We have 40 extra cents. Why don't you see if you have enough change?"
"Um, okay. Well, here is 20 cents..."

I usually have SOME change in my car, but I was really struggling to find change. I started counting pennies and came up with 90 cents in change. Combine it with their 40 cents and we have $1.30. 70 more cents.
Meanwhile, they keep saying that the credit card machine will work tomorrow. As if that will help! They also were pretty entertained at the show that I was giving them. According to them, "This was the most entertainment they had all night."
I needed 20 more cents. I had two Canadian dimes. But, of course, they couldn't take Canadian money. Come on- give me a break!
When I had been there for what seemed like a lifetime, had 5 more cents to go, and was completely out of coins, they let me go.

Lesson learned- always carry change.


Lindsey said...


Mrs. Not-so-Domesticated said...

Thats so funny, if their credit card machine is down, then I say its their problem...they probably wouldn't agree though.

Lis said...

Ha ha ha!! This ALWAYS happens to me!! I'm just awful at having cash and change!!

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