Monday, January 26, 2009

More Photos

We did our pictures before the ceremony which ended up working out well for us. We were able to see each other before the ceremony which helped calm some of our nerves and it gave us time for other things after the ceremony. (details to come!)

I woke up the morning of our wedding to rain. I was optimistic as my hair was being done that it was going to stop... it just couldn't rain the whole day, right? Well, it really didn't stop raining almost the whole day (there was a few moments of dryness!). I was happy that we decided to still try to have our pictures taken as planned and I think that we still got some great pictures. I bet you can't even tell that it is raining! :) And really, at the reception, once people accepted the fact that their feet were going to get wet, the rain was quite romantic and fun.

I uploaded the photos backwards, so we will start with the group photos.

Apparently I choose the jumping one from the files...these always crack me up!

The Guys

...and The Girls, showing some sass

Pictures of Dan and I...I tried to pick different ones to show you than when
I was deciding about my Christmas card

I love the picture below, because it sums up some of the feelings of the day...
me- just elated that it was our wedding day
dan- cringing that he is taking 5 trillion pictures and
looking at me thinking what is going on here?
(secretly i think he loved it though!)

photos by Clever Creations Photography

Next to come...the ceremony. I'm not going to lie though- it's report card week, so it may be a bit. Then again, I am always looking for anything to distract me from report cards!


Rachel said...

Oh, you had some beautiful photos! They're just gorgeous! Even in the rain :)

And I feel ya with the report cards. Mine are due by Thursday and I still have so much work to do.

Liana said...

you both make a gorgeous couple! beautiful wedding i love the pink!!

Mrs. Not-so-Domesticated said...

I definitely can't tell its raining. You look stunning and your pictures are amazing!

Sarah said...

Such great pictures!!!

Lindsey said...

Gorgeous photos and your dress is stunning!!!

A Wedding Story said...
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A Wedding Story said...

Thanks! I probably wouldn't have known if you didn't tell me! :)

Inspired Kara said...

What a beautiful wedding day!!!!

Married and Lovin' it! said...

Absolutely beautiful!! Please come visit us and share you journey - here's a link to our Blog:

Discovering YOU After 'I Do'

We'e LOVE for you to be a part of this community and give us your feedback as grow! THANK YOU!

Elizabeth said...

Great photos! Congratulations. :)

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