Monday, August 23, 2010

Road Trip 2010- The Beginning

As I mentioned earlier, my husband and I took a road trip out east a few weeks back. We had roughly worked out where we would go each day, but didn't have a detailed itinerary or any hotels booked, which I'll admit made me have nightmares of spending the whole week sleeping in the car. Thankfully, that didn't happen.

Day 1- We drove to Dan's parents' house in Canada and dropped off Winston. He was in for a treat of living the life of a country dog for the week.

Day 2- We woke up early and hit the road. The first stop on our journey was to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Obviously, top on my list of things to see. :) Just kidding, but my husband loved it. After a few hours of baseball history and facts, we kept driving- destination: Boston.
We arrived in Boston around 10:00 at night. As I said, we didn't have any hotels booked as we were hoping that Priceline would help us out. It didn't. Not one time. Boston did have quite a few hotel options though and we chose to stay right off the highway at the end of the subway line. On our 5th try, we found a room.

Display of No-Hit Game Balls

Dan studying the Hall of Fame wall.
I was done with this display in about 5 mintues.
Dan was done too- about 30 more minutes later.

Day 3- Boston

I was bound and determined to fit as many things as we possibly could into our one day in Boston. We took the subway to downtown Boston and started our day at the aquarium. My friend had recommended the aquarium and it was awesome. We were there early enough that we were able to see the penguins being fed and cleaned.

Next, we headed to the Swan Boats. This was on my list of things to do as I loved the book Make Way for Ducklings as a kid. Apparently in Canada this is not a popular children's book, so Dan had no idea what we were doing or why I wanted to go. Please tell me that someone else read and loved this book!

Next we headed over to visit the MIT museum which was full of robots and crazy inventions. We also got tickets for a River Boat Cruise later in the day. We then hopped back on the subway towards downtown again with a mission to follow the Freedom Trail.

We followed the line of the Freedom Trail and had fun looking at the small museums along the way. We almost made it all the down the trail, but as soon as we spotted Paul Revere's House, we had to dash back on the subway to make it to the River Boar Cruise.

On the River Boat Cruise, we saw Harvard, the skyline of Boston, MIT's campus and learned some interesting facts about Boston. It was relaxing and fun to do minus the screaming children behind us.

We finished the day with dinner at PFChangs and then headed back to the hotel to rest before heading to Maine in the morning! Next up- Bar Harbor, Maine, Prince Edward Island, Halifax and Quebec City!

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