Monday, August 16, 2010

Teacher Week: Online Resources

So, Teacher Week on Babbling Abby's blog was last week, but I'm just now getting a chance to catch up with the last two days. Well, really I'll just be catching up on the last day. Day #4 was classroom tours which I loved seeing and would love showing you around my classroom. But, my classroom is in destruction phase right now as I get everything ready for the new year. I was just going to show you how far along it is right now, but I just can't do it. I need it to be perfect for the new year before it is revealed on stay tuned. I promise to show you pictures when it is ready which needs to be in 10 days, not that I'm counting or anything. :)

On to Day #5- Online Resources...there are so many of them and I'm always discovering and rediscovering new ones. Here are a few of my favorite for myself or for my students.

1. Proteacher- I love finding ideas from other teachers on this website. It is great to get answers if you have questions or need ideas for something.

2. Edheads- If you teach science, you need to check out this website! I use it with my class when we study simple machines, but they also have interactive games for weather, knee surgery, the brain and more.

3. Laura Candler- Laura is a 4th grade teacher who has a wealth of resources ready to use. Check out her file cabinet!

4. Beth Newingham- I love Beth Newingham! I remember finding her website while I was getting ready to set up my classroom my first year and thinking that it was amazing! I still think that and if I could pick a classroom to go visit for a day- hers would be it. She also writes for Scholastic and has a ton of good information there as well.

5. Mrs. Renz's Math Resources- This is a great website to bookmark for your kids. It is full of links to games and activities that go with a variety of math topics.

Have fun exploring!

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Ginger Snaps said...

Thanks for sharing your websites! I have always been in love with the Beth Newingham site!

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