Sunday, March 27, 2011

Life Lately

Oh, where have a been lately you ask?
Grading, more grading, writing report cards and meeting with parents for conferences.

Yep, that about sums it up.
Well, at least the boring part of the last 2 weeks.

Here are some of the more exciting parts... :)

I got to meet lovely Liliann Marie Ruth!
and of course visit with her mom and the rest of these wonderful girls!

I had a movie and pizza night with 4 of my 4th grade girls!

We watched Ramona and Beezus which had me reminiscing
to my childhood where my sisters and I watched
Ramona and Beezus the TV series over and over again.

My class filled up our marble jar and voted to have a Spring Fun Day!

Complete with Bug Juice and Dirt...yum!

Plus the countdown is on...4 days until Spring Break!
It can't come fast enough!

1 comment:

Everwys said...

glad to see the dirt cup snack is still rocking 4th grade! :)

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