Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Bachelor

Oh, The Bachelor...
Yes, I know that it is a ridiculous show, but I just can't
quite bring myself to stop watching it.
I've missed a few seasons here and there, but usually
it is one of the shows I watch.

I've been watching it from the beginning. And embarrassingly enough,
I actually own the first, and worst season of The Bachelor.
Why they would make this season into a DVD is one question,
why I would buy it is another.

Actually, I remember buying it late one night in college with my friend, Lisa.
Lisa bought Blue Crush, and I bought this.
Ah, those were the times.

Let's just all agree that the first season of The Bachelorette was the best.
Not only because it ended up actually working out, but Ryan's poems to Trista
(enter squeal here) made every episode worthwhile.

It was also a nice bonding activity for my college roommates and myself.
We would have weekly Bachelor parties and
even record episodes if we had late tennis practice.
(By "record" I mean actually pressing record on a VHS player
with a VHS tape-which makes me feel old)

Anyhow, how many of you are watching this season of The Bachelor?
Love or loathe Brad?
Cheering for Chantel or Emily?
More importantly, are you loving the views of South Africa?
(You know my love for South Africa.)

Back to Lisa and her Blue Crush love...
Lisa has started a new blog that recaps episodes of The Bachelor,
Lisa Doesn't Know.
She's funny. If you know her, I think you'll agree with me.
If you don't, check it out and see for yourself.


Katie said...

I just posted about The Bachelor myself tonight. :) I always wanted Chantal to win, but after Brad told Emily he was falling in love with her...I think it's her. I love Emily, just think she might be a little too good for Brad. Like she's so great, I'm going to want to beat Brad up if he breaks her heart! Lol

Lisa said...

Love the blog, Kristina! How funny that we did actually "record" those episodes! I forgot how old we are. One can only imagine the damage we'd have done with a DVR in college!

Everwys said...

Can you believe what they wore to the rose ceremonies in season 1?! sweaters?! haha :)

MLD said...

I have been watching since the beginning too, glad I am not the only one!

Rachel said...

You are right on about season 1, it was AWFUL! I love that you own it :)

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