Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Weddingness is a word, right?
I always wanted to write about wedding planning while all the planning was going on, but it just got so ridiculously busy that I decided it was out of the question. I still love looking at wedding photographer's blogs and all of the inspirational blogs and websites that I spent hours on while I was planning my wedding.

What was the first thing that you planned for your wedding?

I'm pretty sure ours was trying to find a venue and date that worked. Our engagement was almost a year...about 11 months, so it was long enough, but we still had trouble finding a date that worked. The challenges...we needed a date in the summer since I'm a teacher and summer is the most popular season for weddings, we live in a middle sized city, so there are many venues- but not so many that you have too many choices, and between American holidays and Canadian holidays there weren't many dates left in the summer.
We finally found a date and a place, but it happened to be the week after one of my best friend's wedding :( After a phone call to her, she said that it would work out find and so we booked the date. :)

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