Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend Recap

October seems to be the month of traveling for Dan and I. Not that we are traveling to any warm or exotic places, but rather driving in the car for many hours. This usually means that Dan is driving- unless he is REALLY tired and then lets me drive, him picking out songs on his ipod and if he is feeling generous puts on a song of country for me here and there, and me trying to be nice and not fall asleep. I hate that feeling of driving in the car all sleepy and the happiest thing to do would be to give in and fall asleep, but you have to stay awake. You keep nodding on and off not knowing if you slept or if you managed to stay awake. Anyways...on to the weekend...

On Friday night we decided to order some pizza and then go to Target to get two things. (How can you every go to Target and just buy two things!?)
1. A frame. You see our house for many months had no frames up because I couldn't decide. Then I decided, but I was short one frame, so it has been an uneven display of pictures in the living room. So we needed the final frame.
2. Season 3 of How I Met Your Mother. If you have not watched this show- do it! We hadn't seen any of the episodes until we went on our honeymoon. The cruise has the same shows appearing on T.V. over and over and over, so we watched the same 2 episodes quite a few times and I laughed every time.

Then, we enjoyed eating our selected candy and watching Season 3- it was a good Friday night.
Saturday morning we got up fairly early and headed off to Arcadia Bluffs. The boys (Dan, my brother-in-law, and my dad) were going golfing in the afternoon there. It was a beautiful fall day! The girls went shopping but didn't have much luck. We had thought about spending the night there, but then decided it made just as much sense to drive back home. So we did.

Next week we are off to Canada (or as I affectionately call it- Can-Land) for a friend's wedding.

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