Sunday, November 23, 2008

The H-Moon Finale

The rest of our honeymoon is going to be stuffed all into this post...I have other things to share and a day by day of our trip, just isn't productive enough for me.

Helsinki, Finland

I loved Finland. It was probably my favorite place that we visited. Helsinki was small enough to walk around and see everything. First, we stopped and saw two churches. And then we decided to venture off and find the Olympic stadium. It was a little more of a hike than anticipated and really not worth the hike, in my opinion...but we saw it nonetheless.
We also saw the Rock Church.

Stockholm, Sweden

Sweden was beautiful! The waterfront, the old buildings, the alleys full of unique shops. Also, home to Pippi Longstocking :) We went on a boat tour and stopped at the Vasa Museum.
You can see the 19th century war ship in the picture below.

Copenhagen, Denmark

All of the countries that we stopped at were just beautiful. Copenhagen was no exception with the canals, bright colors and intricate architecture. Close by to our port was The Little Mermaid Statue. We stopped to take pictures along with the other 100 tourists. It is a fairly large and busy city, so we joined in the bustle around the city, saw all of the main attractions, stopped and grabbed some hot dogs and cokes from a street vendor, and took a canal tour of Copenhagen.

My favorite picture from the trip! It is now hanging up in our living room.

Olso, Norway

This was the last port on our cruise. In all of the other cities we had been eying the bikes that everyone was riding to get around, so we decided to try some out. We went to the Tourist Office to get a card so we could get the bikes out from the racks that we all around the city. You could get a bike and then return it at a different bike rack in the city, which I though was cool. Anyways, the guy from the Tourist Office warned us that the bikes really were only for residents, but if we really wanted to risk it we would just have to sign we signed and still lived to tell about it. We biked around the city and then stopped for lunch and decided to go to the Olympic Ski Jump. We took the tram to the stop that our travel guide claimed the ski jump was at. We walked and walked and walked and walked...but no sign of any ski jump. So, instead we saw the pretty view and got back on the tram. Perhaps next time we're in Oslo we'll finally find the ski jump.

So concludes our honeymoon...we had one more formal night on the cruise before heading back to the airport the next day to sadly return to Michigan.


Lindsey said...

Looks like such a fabulous trip! And I adore the white dress in the last picture!

bridechic said...

Scandinavia is magnificent. I keep the fun and great photos coming.

Mc Allen said...

wow, it looks wonderful!! What beautiful pictures! How could you not have a fabulous time in all that beauty! :) LA

An Atlanta Bride said...

What a honeymoon!! I'm sure you enjoyed EVERY minute of it!!

KirGreer said...

I found your blog while looking through other newlywed blogs. Love the honeymoon pics! I visted a lot of Scandinavian places you visited when I saw kid - fun to see people honeymooning there!

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