Sunday, November 9, 2008

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow! (Or not)

Ah, it is snowing! ... and sticking to the ground.

Dan is rejoicing while I'm very sad. I should be happy that it hasn't snowed until today. Just Friday I was thinking to myself, "This is glorious weather. I could live in this weather all year around." And then it starts snowing, just like that.

Don't worry. I'll get over it. There are things about snow that I love.

Hot Chocolate
Christmas (I know you can have Christmas without snow, but it is not the same)
Turning the fireplace on when it's so cold outside
Scarves (I must admit that I have 25 or more, I haven't counted, scarves. I L-O-V-E scarves!)
Coats (I also have a little obsession with coats, especially winter ones.)
Ice Skating

What is your favorite "snowy" activity?


aletha :: pearls events said...

My fav. snowy time activity is snuggling up on the sofa with a cup of cocoa with a good book and just watching the beauty outside the window.

I also LOVE scarves and coats--I broke out the winter coat today, and totally had forgotten I got two new wool jackets last year. I was SO excited.

Megan said...

I also have an obsession with coats. You can never have enough! I'm a tad bit jealous it is snowing there, I enjoy the first snow, and then anything after that I am just sick of it!

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