Monday, November 10, 2008

How Could I Forget!?

I can't believe that I forgot one of my favorite things about snow!


Seriously, snow days are even better now that I am a teacher. You know how great snow days were as a kid? Multiply that by about 5 and you have how awesome it is to have one as a teacher!

Last night I saw on the news that they were closing a highway due to weather related accidents. I know that I should be worried about the people on the roads, and I am. But, I'm also excited at the possibility that maybe, just maybe (and believe me that last night there was really not much snow so it was about a 1 in a million chance) there with be a snow day the next day. I even put my cell phone next to my bed and double checked that the volume was on before I went to bed. Of course, it wasn't a snow day. There was barely any snow on my windshield in the morning. But nevertheless, there was a moment of hope.

There are some rules about snow days though:

1. It will not be a snow day if you think it might be a snow day.
2. It will not be a snow day if you are not totally prepared for the next day.
3. It will not be a snow day if you have recess duty, morning duty, bus duty or car duty.
4. It will not be a snow day if you stay up late thinking that it will be a snow day and you can sleep in.
5. It will not be a snow day even if you stay in bed 20 minutes longer than normal thinking that the phone will ring any moment and can you go back to sleep.

Don't worry- you'll hear about it if I have snow day. I'll type to you in my PJs with a smile on my face. :)


aletha :: pearls events said...

All of your points are right!

Funny snow day story. My junior year of high school, we had a week of snow days. Well, Monday-Thursday at least.

Of course Friday we just assumed we'd have off, so my friends and I went to Steak 'n' Shake for breakfast. When they DID NOT call off school, we ended up showing up a tad late, thinking we were so cool. And believe me, I was NOT cool!

Ooh, and since my parents live in the middle of nowhere, we didn't have power or water for the whole week, which meant I was staying with friends "in town" so I could shower!. "um, hi Megan? Could I come over and use your bathroom for a hot shower?" OH yeah, I was that girl!

Bama Belle... said...

Oh I used to LOVE any day off from school when I did my student teaching! And yes, i agree with all of those rules. School never closes on the days that you really need it to! Hope you get a snow day soon!

Katie said...

I hope you had a snow day (it's just yucky and rainy here in PA).

Also, I gave you an award!

doodlebug said...

Okay, so I am not currently teaching...but I did teach the last two years. I lived in Georgia where snows days are few and far between. We got about 5 minutes of slush one morning...nothing else...but they cancelled school. It was freaking amazing! I agree, snow days are much more exciting for teachers than kids!

Megan said...

I love snow days!!!

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