Monday, November 17, 2008

H-Moon Recap

I realize that none of you are waiting on the edge of your seats for me to post wedding pictures since I started blogging after our wedding. But, I am trying (really hard!) to wait patiently for our pictures to come so that I can post them. In the mean time, I'll start with the honeymoon, or the H-Moon, as we affectionately call it.

The day after the wedding, we slept in, stopped by our house to make sure it was still standing after about 15 of our friends stayed over night there (no, it is not that big- I have no idea where everyone slept!), gave a tour of our house to Dan's grandparents and any other friends that stopped over, and then finally went to my parent's house to open gifts with both of our families.

And then it was off to Chicago for the night so we would be ready for our flight to London!!!
We chose to go on a 12 day Baltic Sea cruise. Dan's not a huge fan of laying in the sun for a week and we both love to travel, plus we met each other on a trip to Europe, so it was perfect.

After a few days at sea, our first stop was in Estonia. Although there wasn't a ton to see, it was wonderful to be back on land and walk around in the sunshine. We had a fun day of exploring the city- looking at all of the buildings, colorful doors, and eating and Estonian lunch (okay, actually we weren't that brave- we just had sandwiches)!

Next stop...Russia!

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Emily said...

sooo jealous.. london for your honeymoon! I went to London before my freshman year of college! What a magical place! cant wait to see your wedding pictures!!

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