Saturday, March 14, 2009

Productive Saturday

Yeah! We got our new coffee table this week. Instead of our table that had a wobbly leg, we now have this table:
Today has been quite a productive day! I cleaned out my whole car. I have a really bad habit of leaving my car a complete mess. I'm pretty sure that I could live out of my car for a week or so. Or I could...but now it is completely clean!

I also went out shopping with my mom. We wanted to hit up the 30% sale at GAP/Banana Republic/Old Navy. I found some cute shirts for spring!

Now all I have to check off my list is 25 report cards...


corkyshell said...

I just noticed your photo through d.a.r.'s blog and I just have to tell you that I absolutely love that table!!!

And I also cleaned out my car today too.

Cute blog :)

Rachel said...

I LOVE that table!! Where is it from? We've been in the market for a coffee table since we got our new couches back in October. Sadly, we haven't found anything that we've really loved yet. But your table, is perfect! Congrats on the great purchase!

Gretchen and Jimmy said...

Uggh... I need to clean my car out too!! Its such a mess!! Love that coffee table!!!

Lindsey said...

Love the coffee table!!

Emily said...

That coffee table is so cute! We've been looking for something with storage space, but that isn't just a bunch of drawers. Adorable....-e

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