Sunday, May 2, 2010

Vera Crazy

I don't know how many of you have Vera Bradley bags, but I happen to love them. They are perfect for weekend getaways (or trips to see my in-laws) and always come in fun patterns and colors. The bags are made in Fort Wayne, Indiana which is just a couple hours from my house. Each year, they have a big sale at a convention center where they sell their stuff for a discounted price. I have been once before, but this was my first time at the spring sale.

My grandma, mom, sister, 7 month old nephew, and myself ventured to the sale on Thursday night. First, we had to drop off my 4 year old nephew at my brother-in-law's work. He informed us that he was wearing a button down shirt because that's what you wear to work and that no girls were allowed at work. :)

Now, this place is packed with Vera stuff and crazy people trying to grab their favorite patterns. I just about got dizzy from it all. We had so much fun finding our stuff and sorting through it all. It was so crazy though that I forgot to take pictures. However here is one from their facebook page to show you how much Vera there was...

I ended up buying a lot of notepads and candles for gifts and a "Saddle Up" bag in Raspberry Fizz which I am super excited about!

Here is my mom trying to push all of our purchases to the car. Don't worry- there's no baby in the stroller- just lots of Vera.

And here is how my nephew felt about all of this...

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