Saturday, May 15, 2010

Winston's Grand Adventure

Oh Winston, you have had quite the grand adventure.

When I got a call at school that you had gotten picked up by a nice lady because you were out in the middle of the street, my heart jumped a little bit. Imagine if we came home and you weren't there!

We picked you up from the vet since the nice lady dropped you off there. You were not phased.

Even though we were told that you were got out and our neighbor put you back in our yard.

And you got out again.

And then followed a jogger for a half hour.

Jumped in front of a car which then stopped and picked you up. She said that you were so good at her house- just sat there and ate some food. Why don't you do that at our house?

They wanted to keep you. We would have missed you though. Even though you bark at us, run away, and are a bit crazy we would miss watching you eat ice cream, running around our yard and trying to cuddle with us as if you were a little pup.

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