Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tennis & Showers

The last few weekends have been filled.  Teacher conventions, report cards, showers, tennis, Halloween…finally here is an update on some of the weekend happenings.

My sister had 2 wedding showers- both were delightful!  It made me get excited for her upcoming wedding!

One was at ladies shower and last night it was a couples shower.  It’s always fun to go to a couples shower since the guys have usually never been to a shower. 


I have not played tennis in a looong time.  However, when I received an e-mail asking for players to play in an alumni match, I happily signed up.  I sort of forgot the fact that I would have to play and more focused on the fact that it would be fun to see everyone… oh well…

We had fun reminiscing about our days playing on the team, looked at old team photos and cheered each other on. 


Tennis was one of my favorite things about college and I have continued to be blessed by the girls that I played with.  I hope the current team has just as much fun!

Allyson was the alumni team’s coach since she is preggers and not able to play.  This weekend she had a party to find out if they are having a boy or a girl.  Check out her blog to see the fun way they found out.  (She actually hasn’t posted it yet, but I’m sure that she will soon…it’s worth the wait!)

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Hi! Thanks for finding my blog and following along! I look forward to starting to read yours too!

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