Monday, November 15, 2010

There is no one like our God…

Wednesday Morning Music Devotions are a highlight in my classroom.  I just find a youtube video that someone else has nicely put together and play it for my kids.  They can write, draw, listen or pray during the song.  I love looking at what they draw and write.  Their faith is deep, trusting and pure.

This was last week’s song.  I love it.  What  a great reminder of what God is doing in our world and what he still plans on doing.

There is NO ONE like our God.

He is the God of our school.

He is the God of our homes.

He is the God of our city.

He is our God.

Greater things are yet to be done.


God of Our City- Chris Tomlin


bella_bella said...

I love this song , it is mine and my daughter favorite song.

I`m glad that you are able to share it with your class,

kristina said...

i too like this song.

and thanks for joining my blog1 always nice to get a new reader. and always nice to get a new blog to read!

have a great weekend.

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