Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas Craziness

Wow, I knew that I was behind on posting about Christmas, but I thought that I could quick whip up a post and move on.  I didn’t realize how many Christmas pictures and activities I had to write about. So here is the first installment of Christmas twenty-ten.

Christmas at school starts Dec. 1 and the excitement gets higher and higher the closer we get to Christmas.

To start, we always pick at least one present/book under the tree to read.  I’ve blogged about this before, so won’t go into detail, but it is always a fun!

The last week of school was c-r-a-z-y.  We had a snow day on Monday which was awesome but made the week wonderful, short and hectic.  We first had the joy of making gingerbread houses.  I say gingerbread houses, but really they are cardboard houses.  The boys were double layering theirs this year to see how much candy could possibly fit on their house.

December 2010 079December 2010 077

And then we made Christmas gifts for parents.  We stuffed feathers, painted glitter and then glued on beads.  Oh the beads!  I always demonstrate every year.  “Use a dot of glue and then put a bead on, so there are polka-dots of beads around your ornament.”  And then, without fail, the globs of glue are put on and the beads are thrown on the ornament in no particular fashion.  I cringe and try not to let my controlling self come out.  Especially when they say that we are almost out of beads.  Of course we are almost out of beads!  You were only supposed to use about 20 and you have 200 on your ornament.  Anyways, they are done and wonderful and oh so fourth grade-ish.December 2010 080December 2010 092

The last week of school ended with my good friend, Stephanie’s wedding which was a great way to end it!  Steph and I started teaching at my school at the same time and instantly became friends.  She is kind, hilarious and has a great outlook on life.  She has now moved to Colorado and I miss her terribly!  Congrats, Steph and Jeff!

December 2010 141

Part 2…coming up…

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