Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ready for the Walk Down the Aisle

Forgive me for again splitting an event into two posts, but some events are just deserve two posts. :)

The weeks before my sister’s wedding, Sarah, was full of preparation for the big day.  I had the two weeks before off from work due to Christmas break so it worked out well for me to help out.

I love wedding projects and was glad to help out with a few…

Sarah saw a picture of an aisle runner that she loved and put me in charge of recreating it, so with some help from my dad and my other sister, Trisha, we were able to make a similar one. 

Sarah & Trevor's Wedding 153

Many hours were spent punching circles out of gold bags and gluing them onto fishing wire… it was a labor of love.  It was a nice touch for above the dance floor.  These were equivalent to the tissue balls from my wedding… a lot of work, but a nice touch.  It is still up for debate what project took more love.

December 2010 147

The day before the big day, Trisha and I hosted a Bridal Luncheon for Sarah, her bridal attendants and some special family members.

Sarah & Trevor's Wedding 301Sarah & Trevor's Wedding 300Sarah & Trevor's Wedding 298

After rehearsal, we celebrated with dinner. 

All the girl cousins…

Sarah & Trevor's Wedding 307

My family…

Sarah & Trevor's Wedding 312

Sisters… this should probably replace my picture of my sisters and I that is on the side of my blog since that picture was taken 6 years ago at Trisha’s wedding rehearsal.

Sarah & Trevor's Wedding 311

We went back home to all get our beauty sleep and then we were ready for Sarah & Trevor’s Wedding Day!!!

It all started at the hair salon…

Sarah & Trevor's Wedding 318

Almost ready…

Sarah & Trevor's Wedding 314

We had a wonderful lunch at our friends’ house.  I love this picture of my mom and us.

Sarah & Trevor's Wedding 329

I love the hanger that she bought for her dress to be displayed on.  She got it from this great etsy shop.  Isn’t it adorable!?

Sarah & Trevor's Wedding 087

Here she is…beautiful!

Sarah & Trevor's Wedding 338

And all tucked in the car ready to meet her groom!

Sarah & Trevor's Wedding 090

More to come!

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