Thursday, January 27, 2011

Teacher Talk- Organization

Abby @ Snyder Stories is hosting the first Teacher Talk Thursday today.

I meant to take some pictures at school today to go with the theme of organization, but in the rush of trying to get my report cards done, I forgot. So, here are some organization things from my classroom based on pictures I already had on my computer.

Nothing is really profound, but I always like seeing other classrooms, so I decided I'd go ahead and join in...

Two of my favorite things...
1) Mailboxes- My father-in-law was nice enough to make these for me, just the way I wanted them. Each student has their own box, but there are also extra boxes on the top for notebook paper, white paper, and extra copies of assignments. It works great!
2) On the right, you can see my kid's book boxes. They use these to store the books that they are reading and their writing notebooks. It makes for less mess in their desks and we can always find where they are!

This is my writing/math/craft center. The drawers store all of the math manipulatives that we use often- dice, counters, compasses, etc. The shelves below hold math game sheets. On the right, all of our decorative writing paper is stored and of course, you can see the craft supplies scattered around.

I'm not sure that I love my way of organizing books, but it works for now. Basically, each book is just sorted by the author's last name. I do like storing them in containers like this so that the students can flip through and see all of the books that we have.

Simple, yet a life-saver! My first year I struggled to find a place to put all the random schedules and papers that I needed to display for my kids to see. So, I just made them their own board. This year happened to be my ocean theme, so the board was titled, "Commotion in the Ocean." It has our hot lunch schedule, intermural schedules and anything else that the kids need to easily see. I just staple it up and let it be!

Thanks for the fun idea, Abby!


AbbyS. said...

So glad you played along!
I am in love with your writing/math/craft center! So cute and SO ORGANIZED!! Did you use a cricut on the letters for your books buckets? I just got one for Christmas and have not even used it yet! Hope you come back and play again!!

Livin' our Love Story said...

Yea, I am obsessed with your centers! To cute!

Rachel said...

Your room us so well organized!! Organization is one of my biggest weaknesses as a teacher. I especially love the mail boxes your FIL made. They're perfect!

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