Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy UnBirthday To Me

Today was my birthday.  Not really.  My birthday is in June.  My sweet room moms wanted to throw me a birthday party.  Since my birthday is in the summer they were going to do it on my half-birthday, but that was over Christmas break, so today was the day.

It really was quite strange.  Some of my kids entered the room in the morning with birthday cards for me.  Which is very, very sweet, but also very strange when it is not your birthday!  I love to read notes that my students give me.  They are always so adorable and just plain nice. 

Some of the girls made me a few gifts:

blog 034 blog 035

Remember these!?  Seriously, the “Your the best teacher” must of taken forever to make!  (And apparently we have work on the difference between YOUR and YOU’RE)

And now for my favorite…

blog 032

Yes, yes it is…a duck tape wallet!  A pink and teal duck tape wallet to be more exact. 

Look at the awesome cupcake cake!  When my kids saw the cake they asked me if I loved apples.  Yes, I love apples!  I’m sure that’s why they chose it. :)

blog 026

I also got a ginormous card which was all signed by my class.  I love 4th graders!  One signed it “your BFF” and all my silly boys signed it with their made-up names so Larry, Bob and Mr. Bean all signed my card today. :)


Rachel said...

You have some awesome room moms! I am jealous. Your cake and gifts are so cute! And the wallet makes me laugh because we have a kid who makes those too. I think every kid in the class has a specialty wallet :)

karilip41 said...

cute cute! i hope you put that wallet to good use! :)

Kim said...

That is so cute! Sounds like a great group of kids!

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