Thursday, February 10, 2011

South Africa

My senior year of college, I went to South Africa for 3 weeks.
I fell in LOVE with South Africa.

The country is beautiful and amazingly diverse.

We visited an African village, spent time hiking waterfalls and mountains,
saw animals closer than I could ever imagine and talked with
wonderful people who had precious stories.

3 weeks in South Africa is not enough time.

I think this song by the Paul Coleman Trio sums it up nicely.
What a beautiful song!

(I should mention that the photos in this video from
YouTube are not mine nor are they actually
from South Africa. I just love the song!)

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Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

So beautiful! I've always wanted to visit South Africa. Where we live now, there are a lot of South Africans who have immigrated and it sounds beautiful :-)

And is that a Purdue shirt that you are wearing?! Because if it is, I'm send you 2 thumbs up!

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