Sunday, February 27, 2011

No Power=No Fun?

I'm glad to say that this week looks like we will have power
the whole week. Last week, as I briefly wrote about, we were without
power. We ended up being without power from Monday at 12:30am to
Wednesday at about 4:00pm. It was cold!
Luckily, my parents got power on Monday night, so we were able
to warm up at their house. It's funny how appreciative you are
to have power after you have gone without it for a few days.
Wednesday night we were giddy as we were able to open the
garage door and turn on lights when it got dark.
We blasted the heat and turned on the TV much to our delight.


What do you do with no power?

Admire the beautiful ice and snow that is causing the power outage

Comfort your skitterish, cold, confused dog

Of course, play Playmobile Vet Hospital with your 5 year old nephew

Cuddle up by the fireplace

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