Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

I think I have mentioned before that my husband
refuses to celebrate Valentine's Day.
He doesn't think it actually counts as a real holiday.

So I picked out this card from Tinyprints to give him.
(Just because he doesn't celebrate it, doesn't mean that I don't!)
I think it is perfect!

But, I also liked this card, so he is getting two of them. :)

Although, let's be honest.
Dancing probably shouldn't be on there.
Since dancing can be added to the list of things he refuses to do.

However, I think he is softening...

When I came home from work on Friday, he had a treat for me.

Not for Valentine's Day.

For February.
And it just happened to be Valentine's Weekend.

A new charm for my Pandora bracelet!

I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating!
Whether it be Valentine's Day
just the fact that it is February! :)

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Kitty said...

haha I love that card!! My husband is the same way about Valentine's Day :)

Danielle said...

I love that first card! I celebrate but somewhat reluctantly. That first card sums up my feelings perfectly (:

karilip41 said...

cute cards! :)

Everwys said...

I love getting a non-celebrator to come around! :)

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