Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This Past, Past Weekend

This past weekend, I did pretty much nothing.
I ate pizza.
I watched two chick flicks.
I graded papers.
I cleaned our closet.
I went to church.
Pretty much nothing exciting.
And I loved it.
But it doesn't leave too much to blog about.

So, I'll go back a weekend.
Because it was much more exciting.

On Saturday night, we surprised this lovely lady with a birthday party!
It was well planned and she jumped just a bit when we shouted SURPRISE at her!

We ate cake, played Scategories and went bowling.
I had a picture of bowling, but it didn't really turn out.
So you'll have to trust me- we went bowling.

Here are all the girls from the party (minus Al who came later!)

Hope you had a great birthday EMILY!

On Sunday, we celebrated another birthday- my Grandpa's!

He had some help blowing out the candles.

And isn't this just the sweetest picture?

This weekend will bring more birthday celebrations as the
little boy in the picture above will be turning FIVE!

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