Tuesday, February 1, 2011

No School- Wahoo!

My apologies to those who have jobs where they don't have any snow days...

The BIG storm is here!!! There is already 3.2 inches of snow on the ground as I type this and the worse of it is to come.

While I am totally ready for spring, I'll be happy with the snow as long as it gives me snow days.

Tomorrow will be snow day #2 for us. There should always be at least 2 snow days a year...or so I say.

So 2 minutes before school got out, the secretary came on the loudspeaker to announce that school had been canceled for tomorrow. (Insert obnoxious cheers and yells from 4th graders here.)
As I was about dismiss the students, I said something like, "Enjoy your snow day tomorrow! Yea for snow days!" Or something to that effect.
All of a sudden I got a lot of questions.
"Why are you excited for a snow day?"
"Don't you have to work tomorrow?"
"I thought you always have to work and never have fun."

Um, yeah, I plan on sleeping in tomorrow, watching TV, drinking hot chocolate and having TONS of fun. :)
Perhaps by noon I'll be ready to do a bit of grading papers- but we'll see, we'll see...


AbbyS. said...

we have had 13 snow days so far!
I am still not over them yet. It does look like we might go all week this week though.
ENJOY your day tomorrow.

Rachel said...


I would love a snow day, but only kind of. My city requires us to make up ALL missed days, despite the fact that we have 3 days built in. So as much as I love snow days, they also cause me so much anger.

University of Iowa Meg said...

OTFL! I love it. When I used to work in the schools I got that same response. Oh kids...don't you know that most adults are just big kids?? :)

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