Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snowy Lunches (Teacher Talk)

Here is my post just a few days late for Teacher Talk Thursdays
with Abby from Snyder Stories.

This week we could share basically anything we wanted

Since this is what I happen to be working on, I'll share about Snowy Lunches.

Snow is here! The winter blues are also here. :(
So, enter in Snowy lunches to erase a few of those blues away.

It always sounds very simple and border line silly when I explain it.
But the one thing that I can't explain to you is how excited my students always get for this.
It's ridiculous actually. You are going to thing, "That's it! That's all there is to it." and yet some of my students have told me that it was the highlight of their year.

First, I split my class into groups. Usually I have about 4-5 kids in each group, depending on how big my class is. I always find something similar about all of their names, like- they all start with an "A" or they end in a vowel or they all have five letters in them. This some how makes it more special and creates a sense of fairness for the kids.

Then I send out invites to the kids. Nothing fancy. You can see and hopefully download my invite at the end of this post. No promises on the download though- I don't really know what I'm doing with google docs yet. But, I tried.
I always put them in envelopes and decorate them with stickers and make them look lovely.

The day of...
Throw a plastic tablecloth over a table in your room. Put a bag of chex mix in a bowl (a snowman bowl if you have one). Place the plate of snowball cookies that you made from pre-made sugar cookie dough and gobs of white frosting. Put place cards or placemats and a paper plate at each seat. Then, you are ready!

I've made place cards out of construction paper in past years.
But, this year I found some awesome paper placemats at Michaels on sale this summer.
So, a few letter stickers and ta-da. A place card and a place mat.

Aren't they cute!?

I love them! And I realize that they don't really fit into the whole snowy theme, but they are too adorable for me to care.

I wish I had more pictures of the cookies and table set-up. I'll post some next week or so when we start the lunches in my room.

I should also mention that the kids eat lunch with me in our room everyday. Which probably isn't true for most of you. But, that might make it even more special if they get to stay in your room with you during lunch instead of going to the cafeteria!

And here is the invite that you may or may not be able to click on! :)

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AbbyS. said...

HOW CUTE!!! My kids LOVE to eat in the room with me. I will have to do this! Thank you so much for sharing!! WHAT A GREAT IDEA.

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